Thursday, 5 November 2009

Missy the Capricious Princess

It was raining last night... As there was nothing left to do for me, I run upstairs to get my camera just to capture this moment of Missy sitting on a throne made of two large pillows and staring at the window.
Oh, she is gorgeous! Missy was curious watching the rain falling from the sky on our windows and in our garden, covering every possible surface with magic water. So, I got comfortable in that little corner of the living room and begun taking pictures of one of my favorite pet-models.
The look in her eyes sometimes is magical. I can stare at her for hours thinking what is hidden behind those huge brown eyes. She appears like an alien to me that can not communicate with people, but her attitude and body language says it all.
I truly hope, you could get the moment to spare with one of your pets and just observe it and see that spending time with your pet can be fun too. You will learn so much from them.

And if suddenly a cat insists sleeping on your lap, let it be. Cats are wonderful healers. If you are interested in a prove of this point justified by scientific research please refer to this article.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Today I Saw Ferry

As I have mentioned earlier in one of my blogs I totally fell for Jill Wagnal's TODAY I SAW. (TM) Extending this idea I want to introduce you to my cat Ferry. He is like a little prince, very noble, with good manners and royal eating habits (he is picky). When he wants LOVE he insistingly cries.
His personality is very unique. Living with him is a big pleasure to me.

Much love,

How we found Charlie

Lats Friday my parents, Alex and I went on a long trip to Paphos (Cyprus) to see Aphrodite's rocks. On our way back we decided to stop by the ancient ruins of Kourion Stadium. It was a very dry open space surrounded by ancient wall built of yellow stones. I found AJ right outside of the stadium stroking little dog. The dog was extremely thirsty. He drunk about a liter of water straight from a bottle continuously. AJ couldn't just leave him there to die, so we drew back to Nicosia with Charlie.
As soon as we arrived we took the dog to our pet's vet to do all the necessary check outs and vaccinations. They said the dog was feeling well, his approximate age was 6 months, and this type of dog is usually used for hunting foxes. What a nice puppy! So now he currently stays with us until we find him a new home because our dog Sasha just won't let him leave with us. To be continued...

Monday, 27 July 2009

Zorra the smart pussy cat

Zorra is one of the 5 cats we share our house with.
She is an amazing pussy cat. The most intelligent cat I've ever seen in my entire life. She was sick and exhausted found on the street by my boyfriend.